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There’s a lot more that goes into preparing your Social Security case than you probably realize. Beyond the monetary amount you’re applying for, you’re trying to get back your quality of life. You have enough hurdles to go through with your disability and the last thing you need is to go through the headache of having to hold a job you’re not physically and/or mentally able to do.

As you start your application for Social Security disability insurance (SSDI), you realize that there’s a lot more that goes into it than answering some questions. You must submit medical evidence, doctor’s notes, and more.3 Reasons to Go Local When it Comes to a Disability Lawyer

Having a lawyer who knows the law and your condition is a must during this process. The outcome is important to you, so you must hire the right lawyer for your case.


A local lawyer can meet with you face-to-face. If your application ends up going before a judge, you might have to appear in court. You don’t want to meet your lawyer for the first time on the day you have your case heard. With a local lawyer, you can meet numerous times before you go to court, giving you more confidence and peace of mind during this hard time.

A local lawyer can meet with your doctor and other expert witnesses. In part, your application requires you to prove that your disability prevents you from working. This includes sedentary work as well as manual labor. To prove this, you need statements from your doctor and others in your community. A local lawyer knows and often has relationship with the people within your community and can work with each person to prepare a strong application or appeal.

A local lawyer is more easily “at the ready” and available. When you work with a lawyer who is active in your community, you know that you can always easily contact them if you ever need anything. The process of filing a claim and getting benefits can certainly be daunting. So, it’s invaluable to have a professional you can reach out to for a second opinion at any given time.

Your application is too important to leave to just anyone. Get the quality of life you deserve by working with a local attorney who understands your community and your specific needs.