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Arthritis Sufferers and SSDI Benefits

Much of the elderly population in the United States suffers from the disease of arthritis, but were you aware that many young people also are also affected by this debilitating disease? Approximately two thirds of Americans that suffer from arthritis are actually under the age of 65. This means they’re working force age and arthritis can be and is affecting their performance at many of their jobs.

Believe it or not, arthritis is one of the most common causes of disability in the country. Not only is this true, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also expect more Americans to be diagnosed with this condition as time goes on. Arthritis can be quite serious as it places physical limitations on many of its sufferers making it hard or impossible to do some work tasks. It’s estimated that one third of people with arthritis suffer from related physical limitations.

Groups like the Arthritis Foundation are trying to raise awareness for the seriousness of this disease and the impact it can have on individuals. These groups say that the disease is not often seen as a big deal because it doesn’t have a high mortality rate in comparison to other conditions. This may be so, but people need to be aware of the suffering and hardship that arthritis does cause for those who suffer from it. Arthritis can really affect a person’s life and their ability to work.

In fact, arthritis can really be a crippling disease. When younger people suffer from this condition, they often work slower and find it difficult to complete tasks at work due to the pain and physical limitations that it causes. Arthritis sufferers that struggle at work or can’t work may be surprised to know but SHOULD realize that they can apply for Social Security Disability Benefits. These benefits can help individuals pay for basic monthly expenses and medical bills that can otherwise be difficult to afford.