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Should I Keep Seeing My Doctor During My Claim For Disability?

Whenever you file a claim for disability benefits of any kind, you must provide proof that you are unable to work for at least a year due to your medically proven physical or mental situation/condition. Medically proven means that a doctor or other trained professional that's accepted by the Social Security Board has diagnosed your condition(s).Should I Keep Seeing My Doctor During My Claim For Disability?

You must also confirm that your condition (proven by a professional/doctor) CONTINUES to leave you unable to work. It is not enough to simply state so on your statements to the Social Security Administration. Your statements should line up with an ongoing medical record. The only way for that to happen is to continue to have a medical record by continuing to see a doctor and honestly reporting to your doctor/professional how you are feeling and doing.

Many people don't understand why they should continue to see the doctor if there's no more the doctor can do to improve their situation. However, it is the only way to secure your benefits with the Social Security Administration. A doctor may have exhausted all avenues to help you medically but they can be a powerful resource when it comes to claiming your benefits by keeping an ongoing medical record for you with regular visits confirming that your medical condition remains.  Additionally, you never know when new treatments plans or medications arise, so keeping in good communication with your doctor and establishing a strong relationship is always a good idea regardless of the benefit claim benefits.

It is also worthy to note that what actions you take in response to your doctor's recommendations is likely to show up in your medical records. Therefore be SURE TO:

1) Be completely honest and thorough about everything happening to you. Don't think of it as complaining but as giving an accurate description of what you're going through.

2)Ask the doctor to put any and all recommendations in writing. Need a brace? Have them write that down. They say you shouldn't life more than ten pounds? Have them put that in writing too. They suggest specialty treatment? Put it in writing!

3) Follow all advice and recommendations. If you can't due to financial reasons, worries about side effects, or otherwise, make sure you say so.