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Local Disability Attorneys Versus National Ones

When searching for representation for your disability claim, you find yourself faced with many tempting commercial ads for national firms and it’s these firms that also always pop up first on an internet search. Therefore, they must be the way to go right? Maybe. However, maybe not. It’s almost always a better idea to hire locally.

3 Reasons Hiring Local is the Way to Go

It’s true; Social Security claims can be taken care of from any location, but there are real benefits to having a local lawyer represent you:

1) In person meetings. Working with a local firm, lets you meet face to face with those handling your case early on in the process. This way you can discuss your case in depth before the hearing, which is a huge advantage. When working with a national firm, you often get passed off to the Junior Attorneys or Paralegals and never meet the actual attorney who is handling your case until the day of the hearing. If that happens, you are a mere case number to the attorney, rather than an actual client they have a relationship with and are invested in.

2) Familiarity with local Judges. It can help your case immensely to have a lawyer who knows the area’s judges and their peculiarities. All Social Security cases are first heard by administrative law judges, and they’re all different in how they like to handle cases. When your attorney knows the judge, they’re able to present your case in the way the judge tends to prefer.

3) Familiarity with local SSA staff and doctors. Local attorneys have contacts at the local Social Security offices and with local physicians and specialists. Relationships that your lawyer has established with these people can be very beneficial to your case.


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