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photoI can’t thank the folks at Maddox & laffoon enough. I could not possibly have navigated through the social security disability application process without Jeanette’s legal assistants help. They helped me through the application process all the way and helped me understand the questions. They then take it from there and submit it for you and stay right with you through the process of answering any questions or document requests from Social Security. I was approved for my social security disability in one month. Now obviously that is not the norm but I believe it was moved along the chain a lot faster with the assistance of Maddox & laffoon. Highly recommended. – Kathy Davenport-Schramm

Thank you Kathy! We appreciate your kind words.

Social Security and Disability rights can be a tricky thing to navigate and it’s almost imperative to have someone on your side that understands the process. Because laws and rules change all the time, it’s practically like alphabet soup to understand everything yourself. Maddox Laffoon

But with the right team, and I do mean team, behind you, you can process and figure out exactly what you need, when, and how. Our team is not just the attorneys, but everyone in the office that helps each and every client. Most people have no idea where to start, which is where we come in.

Having represented thousands of clients in disability cases since 1980, Maddox & Laffoon, P.S. of Olympia, WA is your experienced choice dedicated to helping improve your quality of life. When you visit our law office, you will soon understand this commitment to your needs. Our entire staff always works together as a team with your needs in mind. 

Give us a call today to understand your rights when it comes to social security and disability benefits. This is what we specialize in and can help make the entire process as stress-free as possible.