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 Social Security Disability Benefits Will Not See Cuts in 2016

We have all heard that Social Security funds have been running low for quite a long time. Because of this, many had thought or heard that a 20% reduction to benefits in the New Year would be necessary due to the Social Security Disability trust fund being so depleted by the end of 2016. However, as of November 9, 2015, this crisis has been averted by means of a new two year budget deal. This deal will shift tax revenues from the retirement program into the disability program. The amount of taxes paid by workers will not be affected by this shift. That’s right; no higher taxes will be requested or paid. Social Security Disability Benefits Will Not See Cuts

A Social Security tax of 12.4% is paid by most people who work, half of which is paid by the employer and half by the employee. The money pays beneficiaries of two different social security programs, SSD and Social Security Retirement. 1.8% of that amount is allotted to SSD and 10.6% is for SSR during the year of 2015. The bill of November 9 shifts .57% of that tax revenue from Social Security Retirement to SSD for the next three years. Making this shift increases the portion attributed to the disabled to 2.37% ensuring solvency through the year 2022.

There are a couple of other changes to Social Security including the closing of a loophole that allowed married couples to increase their SSR benefits, as well as increased funding for fraud investigations.

So, this is good news for now for those who benefit from Social Security Disability as well as for all of us tax payers! Thanks to November 9, 2015, 2016 is already shaping up to be a pretty decent year!