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How to Prepare for the Social Security Disability Mental Exam

Preparing for a mental consultative examination (CE) for the Social Security Administration is really just about learning what to expect.

What tests will be done at the examination?How to Prepare for the Social Security Disability Mental Exam

The type of tests done during the CE vary and depend on each case as each case is unique. A reviewer from the Disability Determination Services is the one to request whatever tests they need to be able to obtain a more complete picture of your disability and make a decision regarding your benefits.

What should I bring with me to the appointment?

For mental examinations, most of your appointment will be spent discussing your past and current situation. There are, however, some things you should bring with you:

– your Social Security claim number

– an ID (such as a license or passport)

What questions will they ask me at the examination?

The whole purpose of the examination is to fill in any gaps that your medical records may have. To do this the physician will want to know the following:

– Your medical history. They will want you to tell them your impairments and how they affect your everyday life.

– Your social history. They will want to know about your relationships with family, friends and the public as well as your ability to interact with those in the community. They will also want to know what kinds of social activities you take part in.

– Your educational background, including any difficulties you faced in school.

– Your work background, including attempts to return to work and the results of those attempts.

Although, this is all clearly information that you already know, you will want to think about these aspects before your CE so that you are sure to remember everything and communicate it properly.

Additionally, remember all this information is so that your reviewer is able to gain more complete and ac curate information about you in order to make a decision regarding your benefits. Therefore, it is vital to be accurate and honest with your answers.

What should I write down before the mental exam?

You should write down anything you think you might forget. Remember, the physician needs your most accurate and complete past and present medical and social history. Consider writing down:

– current medications you’re taking

– previous hospitalizations

– treatments you’ve received and the results of them

– previous diagnoses

– any supported living facilities you’ve lived in and when

– criminal history


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